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How to discover your destiny

Current events have caused significant numbers of people to question their lives. In the Bay of Islands, where I live, we were forced into yet another snap lockdown last week. ‘That’s not good for you,” a man said when I told him that I have an art gallery. He creates stonewalls and is deemed to be an essential worker and so, luckily, is able to continue working.

I have continued to do what I can too. Despite the fact that my art workshops had to be cancelled, my art classes too, and the local artist’s trail postponed until next year. All these events impact my ability to maintain the freedom that inspired me to be a self-employed businesswoman—the freedom to choose my hours, and work and live freely.

Like millions of others, I have been forced to shape-shift. This is why I am thankful I have a Midlife career combo—also the theme of one of my popular career changing books.

Currently, I am pressing forward with my new project, The Art of Life Inspiration Deck, using my original artwork and wisdom from a selection of my self-empowerment books. For my 56th birthday, my mother kindly took up my suggestion that as a gift I would love to purchase an online class that would teach me how to create my own oracle-inspired deck.

Each card features a work of art created by me and paired with an insightful quotation. The cards in this unique deck may be used individually for daily inspiration.

The idea is that you select a card, then let the images and words work together to encourage uplifting contemplation.

Today I wrote the following text to accompany one of my paintings:

Discover Your Destiny

Ask yourself, “Is this the life I want to live?”

Oracle card

This painting is called Orange bird 11. It is a watercolour, inspired by the cheeky birds that played in the tropical garden outside our traditional fale at a tiny beach resort we were lucky to stay in before the world went mad.

I love the spirit and energy of this piece. Infused with many happy memories of a wonderful trip to Fafa Island Resort, an island within an island—the island kingdom of Tonga. The trip was the last made prior to the onslaught of the Covid Pandemic.🔥

I share more about this island experience on my blog, and other highlights of 2020 (despite the madness). 2020 was hard, (as is 2021) but my clients and I found creative ways to succeed. A large part of that success has been developing the resilience to get through too much uncertainty and loss of lives and lifestyles—and still bring joy to others’ lives. 

“Discover Your Destiny. Ask yourself, “Am I living the life I want to live?”‘

This is the question the card poses. As I write, inflation is on the rise, lockdowns for many show no sign of abating prior to Christmas, truths are hidden, lies freely given, control is increasing, surveillance, suicides, restraints on freedom of speech, stress, debt and fatigue—all these and more are symptoms of living in a climate of propaganda and fear. This is not the climate in which I want to live. I turn to my art. and play, and storytelling to create the life I want to live. And I do my best to uplift others. This is why I am creating this deck, as I did The Passion Pack many moons ago. I talk more about this pack and the book it inspired on my blog>>

Many times, other inspiring people have helped me clarify who and what I want to be. Coco Chanel comes to mind. She inspired me so much I wrote a book called The Art of Success, packed with wisdom tips. One of the things she instilled in me was to be and dress joyfully!

Your Destiny: Discovering Your True Self

While creating this post I came across the below in a research file. And it was a great reminder to me—and I hope it is to you too, about the importance of discovering your true self. (I didn’t note the original source, but will gladly acknowledge.

To discover your destiny you must become aware of your true self: Who you are and what you want in life. Getting in touch with your true self is crucial, otherwise, you can wander aimlessly throughout life, having no direction and few accomplishments.

You can tell right away if you are fulfilling your destiny (living the life you were meant to live) by asking yourself: “Is this the life I want to live?” Search within yourself before you answer. When you graduated from high school, is the life you are currently living what you envisioned for yourself? Even before you answer, there are clues as to whether or not you are fulfilling your destiny. If you are involved in any kind of substance abuse (for example, you use alcohol and/or drugs), suffer from drastic mood swings, are continually depressed, or are frequently tired for no reason, then the chances are very high that you are not living the life meant for you. More than likely, you are living a life that pleases others, but not yourself. You are in a “rut” and need help.

Some people may be scared to find their true selves for fear that they are destined to be poor or homeless or unhappy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only way you can be truly happy and successful is to be your true self. Taking what you perceive to be a “safe route”, such as staying in a dead-end job because of the salary and benefits, does not guarantee you a happy, successful life. On the contrary, it makes your present life even more unbearable.

There’s a good reason why the divorce rate, the level of employee absenteeism, and the overall rate of drug and alcohol abuse is so high: People are unhappy with their lives! You do not need a PhD in psychology to figure out that well-balanced, happy people do not abuse themselves and other people.

Your Destiny

Your destiny is under your control. You can create any kind of life you want, at any time and under any circumstances. The life you create, however, will not be satisfying unless it is based upon what your inner self needs and wants, in other words, your passions, the core of your inner being. It is crucial that what you want in life must be an actual reflection of whom you really are, not just based upon what your parents, friends, or anyone else want.

The Benefits of Knowing Yourself:

You should become aware of the benefits of finding your true self, as well as the consequences of not knowing. The benefits of finding your true self or identity are far-reaching and will allow you to:

  • have less stress in your life;
  • be more self-reliant.
  • be more confident in your abilities.
  • have greater self-esteem.
  • enjoy life more and have fun.
  • gain greater inner strength.
  • attain peace of mind.
  • obtain greater freedom.
  • find happiness.
  • obtain what you want out of life;
  • face situations easier and more effectively; and
  • adapt to change more easily.

The consequences of not knowing yourself can impose a heavy burden upon you, ensuring that you are:

  • creating stress in your life and unable to handle it.
  • dependent upon others.
  • unable to be happy on a continual basis.
  • moody with mood swings that go from joy and elation to sadness and depression.
  • unable to face change.
  • fearful of life and in particular the future.
  • prone to periodic feelings of worthlessness and being lost.
  • prone to substance abuse (for example, alcohol and drugs) as a means of “escape” from life itself.
  • bored with your life and others around you; and
  • “Burned out” at an early age.

Take Control Over Your Life

If you do not take control over your life, then someone else will and it will leave you dependent upon that person(s) for the rest of your life. There is no middle ground: Either you have control or you do not. Most people have difficulty handling their own lives, and can find it next to impossible to direct someone else’s! Given this situation, you cannot expect a positive experience from being dependent upon someone else.

Your Future

It is impossible to plan your future if you do not know what kind of future you want. It is crucial to find out what kind of future you want, otherwise, you will go through life existing rather than living, leading a life that is unhappy and unfulfilled, merely a reflection of how someone else wants you to live rather than how you want to live. Your vision of your future can only be realized if you know who you are (for example, a person who is self-reliant, independent, and so on) and what you want out of life (such as, to be financially independent or to have a satisfying career).

For example, it is illogical for you to spend all of your time and effort trying to obtain a better job if you are the type of person who is better suited to self-employment. Until you recognize the fact that you do not want to work for someone else (an employer) you will spend a lot of your resources trying to obtain a life that is not suitable for you. If you do not know who you are, then this situation can happen very easily (and often does).

The Influence of Others

So many of us have been so molded by other people’s opinions, beliefs, and feelings that we do not have a clue as to whom we really are and what we want. With greater knowledge, you will become more observant about your own behaviour as well as that of others. You will understand why things happen to you and to others; and why you cannot make judgments based on outward appearances. Gradually, you will come to realize that you must look beneath the “surface” of yourself into your way of thinking (your beliefs) in order to understand why your life is going (and has been going) in a particular direction. It is your belief system that can either enhance or weaken your chances of leading a happy, prosperous, fulfilled life. The faster that you embrace and lead your destined life, the more balanced and happier you will be.

Live in the Present

It is important to learn to stop living in the past and start living in the present. Learn what you can from your past (its successes and failures) and move on. Do not think of your present conditions or circumstances as being something that will last forever. When you look at your present circumstances do not focus upon the effects (for example, your poverty) instead concentrate upon the causes (what made you poor and keeps you poor). Do not put limits on your potential and there will not be any. Regardless of your race, religion, or economic class you have an unlimited supply of resources to be tapped from within yourself and God, the higher being who created everyone and everything in the universe. Ask and it shall be given unto you!

Your Interests

Do not make your life more complicated than it needs to be. Look at what hobbies and activities you like; many times they can give you a good clue where your interests lie. Usually, your interests are an indication of where your life’s passion or destiny lies. For example, if you have an interest or passion for reading and writing, you may be destined to be a writer, journalist, or English professor. Either of these careers can put you in a position of influencing the minds and opinions of others, possibly changing many other peoples lives for the better.

Just be Yourself

Once you realize that you have the power to make changes in your life you will never go back to being who you were and living the kind of life you led. Life is a great adventure and the knowledge you obtain about yourself will allow you to start living the kind of life you want, deserve, and were meant to live!

Read books, meditate, go to workshops, and talk with others who are going through the same experience. Do whatever it takes to get in touch with your feelings and thoughts. You never know when the right words of advice, a book, movie, or place will appear that that can change your life. Keep in mind that if you need help, ask for it. There are many resources available today, particularly when it comes to self-help and counselling. No matter how terrible your past and present may be there is always someone available to help you. Denying a problem does not make it go away–it only makes it more difficult to deal with.

Do not strive for perfection–it does not exist. Just strive to be yourself. You were created to live your own life–not someone else’s. Find your true self and your true wants and you will find happiness and stability. No matter what happens around you, you will be able to maintain control over your life and “weather any storm”. It is your life, make the most of it! Reach out for the destiny that awaits, and bring it into being.

Think Pink Exhibition Opens This Weekend

Happily, our lockdown ends at midnight tonight (I feel for others not so lucky). Tomorrow some lovely ladies are coming for a play date at the gallery/studio and on Saturday my new exhibition Think Pink opens (also the title of my newly released self-empowerment book. )

Yay! Something to look forward to again, I hope to see you here.

Art of Life out now

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How to discover your destiny

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