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I dreamed of an inspiring place where I could flourish

When I was younger, living in the cold, grey days of Wellington, I dreamed of living in an inspiring place where I could flourish. As I write, it is the 30th of September 2023, my birthday, and my dreams have come true.

9 years ago to the day, Laurie and I signed the contract to purchase a pre-loved home on 10 idyllic acres overlooking the sea. Vision, hard work and sacrifice saw us renovate this pre-century-inspired modernist home, and later create an art gallery. It felt like magic and miracles happened all at once.

“We love Wellington, but the weather and the noise of living in the suburbs was getting us down. We drew up a manifestation list, wrote down all the things we wanted in a new move, and pasted it on the fridge. Along with excellent weather and peace and quiet, we wanted to be surrounded by beauty and nature… and no more than 10 minutes away from a good coffee!”


Our home and art gallery was featured in New Zealand House and Garden, and photographed just as New Zealand emerged from lengthy lockdowns. You can read the article here:

In this video, I share how I created an art gallery during Covid and created more joy for others.

Today, Laurie gifted me the most perfect piece of jewellery, designed my Paloma Picasso, (yes, Pablo’s daughter!) symbolising everything essential to us.

Paloma Picasco earrings

In more than 36 years designing for Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso has created some of the world’s most iconic pieces of jewellery.

In 2013, she launched the Olive Leaf collection, a selection of cuffs, rings and earrings featuring intricate pattern work imitating delicate wreath-like shapes of the symbol of peace and abundance, the olive leaf.

“Jewellery is about emotion, not just in the making and designing of it, but also when you buy it or you are being offered a piece of jewellery,” says Picasso. “It has a special meaning for you because it reminds you of that moment.”

But for her, it’s about how the wearer interacts with the pieces. “Women will explain to me how it has affected their life and it is something that I really cherish and it is something that makes my heart beat faster and it makes it really worthwhile to design jewellery.”

The designer sources much of her inspiration from the places she has visited and lived. I love that my earrings, as I celebrate 58 years around the sun, is inspired with the intention to live in love with “peace and abundance.”

Like Paloma Picasso, when she says, “Women will explain to me how it has affected their life and it is something that I really cherish and it is something that makes my heart beat faster and it makes it really worthwhile to design” the sentiment resonates so deeply.

Just the other day, I received a lovely message that made my heart leap for joy. It was from a beautiful young woman who was in the midst of seeking a cure from her cancer and had purchased my beeswax and gold leaf painting, “Let in The Light”:

“I am sure you already new about the healthy benefits of light long before research studies came out!  I do love our “Let in the Light” beeswax artwork! I gaze upon it everyday and think healing thoughts so much so that I’m back into surgery on Monday for what couldn’t be undertaken during my last surgery. The oncologist thought my liver would very unlikely never be healthy enough to perform .. and yet .. there we go .. just Let in the Light and believe!!”

This beautiful woman looked as radiant as the shimmering beauty she purchased from the gallery when she first purchased her healing piece of art, Let the Light In, gilded beeswax and mixed media on board.

You may also enjoy my blog where I share a video of the visit and more about all the fab ways art can help us heal

The Little Pinky No Drinky Book by C.G.Ford


I’m celebrating 58 years around the sun. Coincidentally, I discovered Richard Burton, died aged similarly, of acute alcohol damage.

“Getting sober remains my single greatest accomplishment.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Get a bottle of neurotoxins to celebrate? Why would you? Imbibe something deliciously extraordinary instead. Your favourite food? A massage? A pedicure? A new book? The list is endless.

Today I celebrated my birthday alcohol-free. I loved every moment, every minute, every morsel of delight I encountered over the last few days. Life is better alcohol-free!

This is an excerpt from my new release: The Little Pinky No Drinky Book:

Available in eBook and paperback from all good bookstores, including:


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Coincentally, and rather tragically, I dicovered that one of the greatest movie stars the world has ever known, Richard Burton, died at 58. Aside from smoking around 60 cigarettes a day, the star drank two or three litres of vodka a day to kill the pain of his mental and physical conditions.

In this interview he is very candid about drinking himself to death. Alas, too late he decided he wanted to live.

Tina Turner quote

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I dreamed of an inspiring place where I could flourish

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